Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Issue # 38 - Bar Etiquette 101

issue # 38 - Bar Etiquette 101

Hello Gents. Well, as i have said many times before, Style isn't just about what you wear. It's about how you ARE. That means how you carry yourself, and conduct yourself. This is important in all aspects of your life, especially if you're a single man. Whether you're looking for a fling or a long term relationship, we all know that a highly popular place for random meetings is a bar. But what a lot of you DON'T know is that how you conduct yourself at the bar is as every bit as important as what you wear to the bar. This is unfortunately knowledge that far too many men lack.

For some reason, many of you transform when you walk into a bar, and it's usually 1 of 2 things; Either you change into an overly shy, nervous wallflower who scopes out girls but does nothing about it, or you become the overly pompous ass who uses every lame move in the book to try to get a woman. Newsflash gents, neither of these work, so stop it.

Bottom line, what you say and do at a bar speaks volumes about your underlying character, and while you might think it's good, most times it's not. Truth is guys, sometimes you have to hide certain things about your character when you're on the hunt. So, for your sake gents, here is a list of DOs and DO NOTs that you need to bookmark.

1 - DO NOT ask what the cheapest drink or shot is. Sure, you may just be watching your budget, but to everyone around you, you're just being cheap. There are much better ways to ask this question without asking it. A very simple solution is asking your bartender if there are any specials for the day. This comes across as simple curiosity, and also saves you money.

2 - DO leave a decent tip. Not leaving a good tip is the most basic and easy way to get yourself blacklisted. Both by the bartender, and by any ladies watching you. It astounds me how many of you have no idea what a decent tip is. Here's a rule to live by: NEVER leave any coin(s) smaller than a quarter. This is an insult in the bar world. Also, I know that sometimes depending on the drink and the bill you pay with, there may not be room for anything more than a quarter handy. Don't leave just the quarter. If you have a small bill, leave the whole thing. If you have a large bill, ask the bartender to break it and leave a good tip. Here's why: If you leave a $5 bill as a tip on a $3 drink, you've made yourself memorable and basically have already pre-tipped your next few drinks. The bartender will remember this, and even if you only tip 50 cents the next few rounds, you'll still be good in their books.

3 - DO NOT order premium alcohol just for the sake of making yourself look like a rockstar. Nothing is more pompous and and ridiculous looking than a guy who orders Belvedere, who quite obviously does not drink it in his personal life. If you are not one who prefers premium booze, or can even taste the difference, then just order what you actually like. No one will think you're a loser for drinking the well vodka instead of the top shelf. Be yourself on this one...Unless you order a Smirnoff Ice. That's just not a good idea.

I'm going to stop there for now gents since i have realized that this list could get far too long for one blog to contain. I will continue this in another issue. Until then gents, heed these tips and good luck!

Style Guy