Sunday, March 6, 2011

Issue # 39 - Fragrance Reviews

Issue # 39 - Fragrance Reviews!

Well it's been a little while since my last issue, and for those of you waiting, I apologize for the delay. I was hoping that between my last post and now that there would be some exciting new fragrances released that I could write about, but there really has only been one new release worth noting in my opinion. So i have revisisted my collection, and found a few that i don't believe i have reviewed. So for your learning leisure, here they are:

Tommy Hilfiger - LOUD

This is the newest release from Tommy, and while I have never been a fan of anything Hilfiger, this one has a great marketing campaign that adds a very intriguing image to the scent. It's designed to be a play on rock music, with the obvious LOUD name, the bottle shaped like a vinyl record, and the cap being a stereo knob. The packaging is also cleverly sealed with a piece of duct tape, giving the entire feel a very grunge vibe.
Packaging aside, let's get to the scent. I didn't know what to expect from this one, but i was very happy with what i received. It's different, but not in an insanely exotic way. I think it's so different because it's SO basic. By basic, i am speaking of the ingredients, which as far as i can tell there are only 3 of: Patchouli, Rose, and tobacco. That's it. But in my honest opinion, that's what makes it so wonderful and different. Your nose isn't bombarded by a complex combination of ups and downs, but instead is treated to a delicate and well crafted scent. However, i find the name completely misleading. The scent in this bottle is not Loud by any means. In fact it's quite quiet and humble, but a superb scent nontheless. I have yet to own this one, but it's made it to the top of my list.

Kenneth Cole Vintage Black -

THIS is one of my favourites. I am a huge KC fan, and while I am an avid lover of KC Black, KC Vintage Black (KCVB) blows it away. Everything from the flat black bottle to the slightly textured label make this a joy to look at as well as to use. But it's the scent that (obviously) makes it. With green lime, pink grapefruit, white pepper, lavender, dry oak wood, sandalwood and tequila accords, this is immediately different and recognizeable as a scent not to be messed with. When i smell it, it smells of confidence and sexiness, but it's the notes of dewy greenery that take this one over the top. When i smell it i am almost transported to a lush forest after a cold rainfall...don't think pine trees, think thick green leaves dripping with fresh rainwater, in a climate that's JUST cool enough to need a sweater. But don't stop there. the greenery vision is just a small aspect of this delicious scent. If you recall my review on Kenneth Cole Black, I referred to a worn in leather jacket. Well, there is a very minute reference to that jacket in this scent as well, but this time you're not getting cozy with it; this time you're throwing it on, grabbing your aviators, and hitting the open road with the top down. Find this, get it, wear it with confidence.

Givenchy- Pi Neo

I purchased this on a complete whim. I was given a sample of it, and only smelled it briefly, not even on my own skin. It was last summer and I was just looking for something new, something that i thought not too many people would have. I bought this, and while i didn't LOVE it right away, i have grown to really embrace it deeply. The bottle is odd, and a little crazy. I suppose this was supposed to be inspired by the Matrix movies, and the character Neo. And while this isn't what i would picture Neo to smell like, it's still a very refreshing and interesting scent. There is a distinct powdery scent to this one, almost Baby Powder-esque, but it's not in a bad way. It's light and complex, and brings to mind linen shirts, straw fedoras, and sweaty summer days. It's something you can put on for nearly any occasion, but i would keep it to warmer climates personally. It's also very vacation worthy...going somewhere tropical? throw this on and forget about it. You will turn heads without trying. You might not like this one though, it strikes me as an acquired taste. But i love it.

Until next time gents,