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Issue # 52 - Shake or Break.

Issue # 52 - Shake or Break

Hello gentlemen! It's officially only 4 more sleeps until the big day that is Christmas, and since it's much too late to really write anything about this festive time of year, (although i hope the gift giving guide worked out well), I've figured out something that may come in handy over the holidays. While i was sitting for a lovely breakfast with my girlfriend the other day, I noticed a well dressed man in his 20s walk in with his girlfriend. I was pleased to notice he was dressed relatively well, and was well groomed. As they approached their table, they were greeted by a panel of older men and women which led me to believe this was some sort of a family get together for the holidays. As the elders stood to extend their hands to the well dressed man, I was mortified to witness several of the weakest handshakes imaginable.

Here was this well dressed man, ready to make what seemed to be his first impression on his girlfriend's family, not realizing that his efforts were futile as soon as his limp handshake landed. For a moment I felt badly for the guy, and then realized that it might not be his fault; the art of the handshake has not been passed down from generation to generation as it should be.

I find that men these days fail to realize the impact of their handshake. It has the power to seal a deal, gain trust, secure a secret, and most importantly, is the ancient and time-honoured symbol of a gentleman's agreement. It's the sign of the quality of a man. Historically, a weak handshake signifies a man that cannot be trusted. A strong handshake is the sign of a man you can trust with your life. Which man are you?

It pains me to have experienced the number of weak and flimsy handshakes i've received from men, and I feel it's time for you gentlemen to learn, and correct your handshake. I will begin by listing the varied forms that handshakes have evolved into, and what signals they may be sending to the recipient. Never fear though, I will conclude this issue with tips on how to conduct the perfect handshake, and correct your current form so you can shake with style this holiday season, and perfectly anchor your impression on her family. But first, here's what you're doing wrong:

"The Bro"

You know the one i am talking about. The one-handed clasp followed by the one-armed hug. We're all familiar with it, we've all done it, and indeed there are many occasions where this is perfectly acceptable: With close friends, buddies, teammates, etc. However, this is NOT acceptable with family members of your partner (unless you've become extremely close), women, or business associates. This "shake" is strictly reserved for close, totally casual occasions, and even then, should be used sparingly. Not everyone welcomes the hug.

"The Squeeze"

This is possibly one of the most uncomfortable and awkward moments, because the recipient of the Squeeze has no idea how to react. It's when they put their hand out for a handshake, and instead of clasping their hand properly, you stop at their fingers, and give a firm (or not so firm...which is actually worse) squeeze around their knuckles. It's extremely odd and gives the impression that you either have no idea how to shake someone's hand, or you have really bad depth perception and hand-eye coordination. Regardless of the reason, if you land the Squeeze, you're going to have to be flawless in your conversational skills in order to recover.

"The Dead Fish"

This might be the most popular version at the moment. It's where the man does everything properly, his hand is in the perfect position, then nothing. No grip, no pump, nothing. At this point, you're not giving a handshake, you're just holding hands. Do you really want to hold hands with your girlfriend's dad?

"The Princess"

I know it seems like a myth, but I personally have been witness to more princess shakes than I can count. This is one of the most disturbing things a man can do during a handshake, and the odds of recovery are slim to none. The princess has officially landed when the person you're meeting extends their hand, and you extend yours, palm down, knuckles up, with a slight curve, and grasp the upper part of their fingers, as something a Princess or a Queen would do when meeting someone, or exiting their carriage. THIS IS HORRIBLE. If you do this, stop it immediately. And for any women reading this, you need to stop it too. You're not royalty, and it gives the impression to the people you're meeting (especially men who may be interested) that you're high maintenance and snooty. Shake hands normally.

"The He-Man Woman haters Club"

Ok, so I couldn't think of a better name for this one, but it refers to any and all handshakes that have several "moves" or "transitions", usually ending with a fist bump of some fashion. The most popular of these oddly enough begins with a good, solid, proper handshake...then transforms into a type of arm wrestling grip, before again transitioning into a thumb-wrestling grip, and ultimately ending with a fist bump....and if it's a super special occasion, the fist bump may or may not explode into fireworks. Now, don't get me wrong, these are fun and have their place, especially with boys among boys. But there is NO place for this outside of the frat, or the bar, or your mom's basement. If you're meeting someone for the first time, or if the occasion has even a slight amount of seriousness to it, then simply shake their hand, no matter how badly you want to break out your new reverse grip firework fist bump.

Gentlemen, the proper handshake is simple, effective, and universal. Learn it, master it and know when to use it;

Extend your arm at about waist level, hand open, thumb pointing up. This is to ALWAYS be done RIGHT HANDED, unless of course there are other if they don't have a right arm. Generally, the person who extends their hand first, holds the "power" in the situation, so in a business meeting, or another more official setting, you will most likely be the one extending second. It's VERY important to maintain strong, solid eye contact while grasping their hand palm to palm, and giving a very firm, confident grip. Too strong of a grip can send the wrong message (anger, jealousy, etc), not to mention discomfort and pain. Guage the firmness of the other persons' grip, and adjust yours from there. Too light of a grip, as mentioned above, can also have a total wrong impression. You want your handshake to convey the feeling of confidence, power and self esteem.

Next, don't get carried away with the number of pumps you give. Two pumps is perfect, and widely accepted as the proper format. Again, the proper strength here is mandatory. You don't want to act as if you're shaking a dog's paw, but you also don't want to rip their arm out of their socket. Then, you release.

Yes, that's it. No fancy finger waves or jazz hands, no fist bumps or ring kisses, just a firm, proper handshake. You may think this is a new age, and the old school handshakes are out of fashion. You may think that in a new hip world, there should be a new hip handshake. You're wrong. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people you will need to properly shake hands with are most likely all much older than you. They are used to a proper shake, and more often than you realize, they are basing their opinion on you right out of the gate, starting with your handshake. If you offer the squeeze or the dead fish in an interview, you can be sure you've already made a bad impression before you've even unbuttoned your jacket...and you had better be wearing one.

So that's it gents, Right hand, thumb up, eye contact, firm grip, 2 pumps, release. Done. Learn it, master it, and go impress her parents.

Until next time, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Issue #51 - Gift Guide for your lady friend

Issue #51 - Gift Guide for your lady friend

Hello gents! It's the beginning of December, and that means 2 things: First, you can finally remove your moustache, and second, the Christmas season has officially begun, so that means you have some gifts to think of for the woman in your life...both of these things are much to the delight of women everywhere. You may be thinking you don't need a gift guide, or that the items on this list aren't for your woman. You're wrong. This issue is not about specific items to get her, but rather a certain combination of categories you're going to want to cover. These tips will help send you in the right direction regardless of if she's a new girlfriend, a long time wife, or even just a near and dear friend. But most importantly, it will hopefully help you avoid getting lost in big box store chaos, and let you actually enjoy the experience of gift giving.

First and foremost gents, there is one important fact you need to read, understand, and utilize: LISTEN. I don't mean listen to her telling you what she wants, I mean listen to her the entire year. Pay attention to things she says she likes, loves, wishes she could have, needs, etc. The gifts you give her shouldn't be just stuff you think of a week before the 25th. As a gentleman, you have the duty of hearing, logging, and recalling all the things she wants all year round. Whether it be those boots she always puts on the back burner, that spa she's dying to try, or anything in between. Oh, and if that weren't enough of a job, you also have to listen to the stuff she doesn't say, and pay attention to how she looks at certain items. Fear not though, this guide will help you cover all the bases, make her super happy, and make you look like a Christmas hero, all without breaking a sweat, or breaking the bank.

What you need to know about this guide is that if you give her at least one gift from each of the below categories, then you've officially covered every aspect of awesome gift giving. You'll save money, time and stress, and that mistletoe might see some action too.


There will undoubtedly be a few items she voices that she wants. If she says she wants nothing, she's lying. Find out what these are, and do what you can in order to get them. Obviously this will vary depending on the item, the budget, etc. Bottom line, if she says she wants it, then it must be somewhat of a big deal since she's actually telling you. So get it. But don't get caught up in getting everything she says she wants, there's much more to give.


You hopefully know things about her. If you don't, then it's either far too early to get any sort of significant gift, or your relationship just plain sucks. That being said, I would assume you can see something in a store or online and realize that it's something she would totally dig, and doesn't even know it. These are great gifts because it shows her that you actually have insight into her, and aren't just a list reading robot. These gifts will vary widely depending on your lady, so keep your eyes and ears open.


Sitcoms have basically made men out to be the worst gift givers on the planet, resorting to horrible taste and household items. Tim Allen in Home improvement was especially bad, getting his wife a vacuum cleaner. He was also a huge contributor to why men think it's ok to wear white running shoes with jeans and a dress shirt, but that's another story. What these sitcoms have told us is that it's a horrible idea to get your woman something practical, or something she actually needs. While this is indeed true if it's the ONLY gift you get her, it's NOT a bad idea if it's one of several gifts she receives, and shows actual, genuine thought. If she's frequently mentioned that she wants to make her own coffee because her starbucks habit is draining the bank, then a coffee machine or french press might make a good gift. The point is, listen to her needs and if you think something practical would be a good idea, then go for it....just make sure you add an extra gift or 2 from the other categories to make sure you cover your ass.


Guys, any caveman can go to the store, pick a card, and sign their name on it. Do you really want to be a caveman? I would hope not. Give her something genuinely and directly from your heart, hands, and mind. MAKE HER SOMETHING. Whether you make it yourself, or have it made custom for you, it shows a serious attention to wanting a truly unique gift for her, and will trigger her girly instincts. This means even if for some reason she hates it, she'll still love it, because you MADE it for her. This might sound a lot harder than it is, but trust me, it's not. No matter what you're good at, you can figure out something for her. Good at web design? Make her a little webpage that only you and her have access to. Good at cooking? Make her a mind blowing dinner. Not good at anything? Write her a letter instead of buying a card. In fact, do that anyways. It's way better than a card. This has now become mandatory.


We've been trained by television to think that women want flowers, candy and jewelry. Candle-lit dinners and bubble baths. Champagne and strawberries. Guys, this is cheese. It's stereotypical. And it's true. Regardless of how lame and cheesy these things are, there is a small part of every woman that secretly (or not so secretly) loves this shit. So use it, but use it sparingly. A few cheese items can totally work if used properly, so figure out which ones they are, and add it to the mix. A personal suggestion for a perfect cheese gift? The mixed CD. This totally combines the heart, the cheese and the knowledge, and is a perfect nostalgic piece. Depending on the length of your relationship, your choice of songs will obviously differ, but I suggest you select songs that are significant to a time you spent together, remind you of a funny moment or night or songs that remind YOU of her. You can explain to her why you chose the songs as you listen to the cd over a glass of wine (that you supplied of course), and a hand made cd cover wouldn't hurt either.

Well gentlemen, this concludes my gift guide for your lady friend. I truly hope this has helped you on your Christmas journey, and will hopefully help you avoid throwing elbows at a Walmart on Christmas Eve. I'm giving you a head start here, so if you follow my lead, you should have no problem enjoying every drop of the holidays this year, and hopefully your Ms. Claus will be so happy with your thoughtful offerings that you definitely won't have a silent night.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Issue # 50 - What NOT to read

Issue # 50 - What NOT to read

Good afternoon gentlemen. I was originally planning on writing a handy guide to gift giving for your lady this holiday season, however I was side tracked when a new magazine landed on my desk. It's the debut publication from the Freeds company, and it's called "Image Magazine". Now, some of you may be unfamiliar with the Freeds name if you're not from this area. Freeds is a well known store that has been around for 80 years in this city. They are known primarily for Men's clothing, specifically suits, although they do women's as well. For decades, they have been the main place that men in the city have gone to get their suit needs fulfilled, with all the accessories. They have survived almost a century and are still going strong.

The above paragraph is the nicest thing I have to say about Freeds.

I for one, have never been a fan of Freeds, for several, very specific reasons. The clothing is highly overpriced. The quality of wear in the lesser-name brands (which there are an abundant amount of) is pathetic, with many of their items falling apart after the first few wears and washes. But  most importantly, they are ridiculously and astoundingly out of touch with modern men's style...and they could not be more oblivious about it.

Regardless of my preconceived thoughts of Freeds, I decided to give this magazine a read with the highest of hopes. I wanted my notions of the company to be put to rest. I held this magazine in my hands, staring at the cover photo; a sharp and mean looking model sitting cross legged in a light grey suit with a blue, pink, purple and white check shirt, paired with a rather hideous tie. (not to mention the tie width greatly exceeds the width of the lapels...proportion 101). Tie aside, I still endeavoured into the pages, optimism afloat. A short while later, upon finishing the magazine twice, I came to a final conclusion:


 And I mean this on more than one level. It became very obvious to me within the first few pages that not only have the powers that be at Freeds obviously never even looked at a real men's style magazine, but they are officially more out-dated and old fashioned than I could have ever imagined. This became painfully obvious when on page 7, the owner of Freeds mentions the "New 'fitted' Look" as one of this seasons major fashion shifts. I'm sorry? New fitted style? Have you not been around for the past 4 years?  Have you paid ANY attention to the shifting trends in men's fashion at ALL? Or did you just decide that your knowledge of what was fashionable in the late 80s and early 90s was more than enough to qualify you to put out a style magazine? The very fact that fitted style was referred to as NEW trend easily set the tone for what was to be an extremely poorly thought out, written and executed magazine.

After the fluffy letters from the owner, Ari Freed and the General Manager, Dan Orman (both of whose positions in the company I am only assuming since they don't say who they are), confidently patting themselves on the back, the magazine opens up to a varietal plethora of gag-inducing 'fashions'. Page 10 begins the painful journey with a self boasting article on Freeds and a lack-luster 4 photo spread; 3 of which are almost identical photos, showcasing a billowy men's shirt with a predictable tie, and a backdrop of a typical stuffy men's store. The article closes itself claiming that Freeds stays 'ahead of the curve' and 'shocks customers with incredible selection'. The only thing shocking here is the lack of style, and further lack of character.

Now I could do a page by page breakdown of this publication, but I don't know if I can come up with enough synonyms for 'useless'. The issue goes on to disappoint around every corner, choosing to focus minimal attention of giving visual examples of men's style, and instead choosing to place poorly written mini articles with very little visual support around double-page spreads of local business people who clearly are not doing much in the way of style, nor are they depicting the very style trends that the magazine said it was offering. (ie pg 20, 28,34, and 44...really? i mean...REALLY?)

 The only article that could have possibly held any sort of merit was on page 38, entitled "Custom Fitted". It showed reputable promise, making me think the following read would be informative, interesting, and would shine some light on the custom fit look that this city needs to embrace. But alas, as with the rest of the publication it very quickly got off topic choosing to talk about what designers made an impact on a runway, and what colours stole the show as opposed to offering visual examples of how you can achieve such looks. In fact the only photos they offer in their blink-and-you'll-miss-it article on "one of this seasons' major fashion shifts" are one they obviously lifted from the internet depicting a perfectly slim-clad gentleman in a lift elevator with 2 gorgeous women, and a heavily blacked out photo of a man wearing a suit and tie. Neither photo show any real suit details. The article goes on to continually name drop designers they carry (as with the entire magazine), and then finishes by telling you to essentially buy a suit off their rack, take it to their tailor, and just be open to new possibilities. Thank you Freeds for that lovely piece of useless writing.

The issue continues to showcase business professionals in the city, which in my opinion are nothing but space fillers, since it's burningly obvious that the main writer Reena Kainth simply doesn't have enough knowledge or passion to write an in depth article that I'm sure many other men were looking forward to. The article on page 25 "Zip it up, a buyer's guide to jackets" is a prime example. Yet again, an article filled with a lot of useless filler, a lot of designer name dropping, and very little useful information paired with absolutely no visual support to give the reader something to compare the words to. How is this a buyer's guide to winter jackets if there is no guide to be seen? The article spends much more time on the history of the designers rather than guiding the reader.

As I neared the end of the magazine, I laughed to myself since the vast majority of the ads in the issue, (for brands that Freeds carries), contain models dressed better than anything the magazine has to offer, wearing better clothing than the magazine has showcased. One would think that the creators of this magazine would have taken a queue from the designers they name drop so frequently, and actually do some research. Instead they choose to dress their models (ie/ pg 34) in an overly typical outfit that Far, far too many people in this city wear. It is not stylish, nor is it trendy. It is not fashion. It is a man dressed poorly, in poor fitting clothes, dressed by people who - given the entirety of this publication - must think that if it's 'designer' then it looks good regardless. Well, I have news for you. You're wrong.

This magazine is a joke from beginning to end. The very idea that it could be a go-to for men or women looking to catch up on new styles and trends is nothing short of crazy talk. After a third time looking through it, it's truly nothing more than a piece of self inflating puffery from a company who is well past their time, and knows it. If they had removed every instance of dropping the name of a designer they carry (many of which are much less than impressive), and refrained from useless information that makes them sound like they know what they're talking about, they could have maybe saved a couple of pages for actual useful style information.
Luckily this is only out bi-annually, so you have a few months to recover before they fill their spring/summer issue with Ed hardy t shirts and jeans with rhinestones on the pockets.

In conclusion gentlemen, do not read this magazine. Do not shop at Freeds. If you want real style advice, I suggest you check out GQ magazine monthly, and also Men's Health magazine. Whether you subscribe or not, they are invaluable tools to keep you on the pulse of what's happening in men's style right NOW. Not 20 years ago.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Issue # 49 - Fragrance picks for Winter 2011

Issue # 49 - Fragrance picks for Winter 2011

Hello gents! How is everyone this fine evening? Well I hope. I've been writing a lot of issues, trying to cover topics I haven't touched upon yet, and I realized that I was so involved in it that I almost forgot the seasonal Fragrance issue! As you all know, I try to give you a head start on what my favourite picks for seasonal scents are, and hope to point you in the right direction so you don't get swamped by the massive wall of bottles at the drug store or the intimidating displays and snooty sales people at department stores. This season is no different, and I am very excited to write about my favourite topic.

Lately I've noticed a very disturbing trend in the fragrance world; the trend of putting out a new scent, and then following it up with an almost instant, barely indistinguishable spin-off of itself. They get around their obvious greed and laziness by calling them things like "intense". It's sadly un-creative, and in all honesty, it's just plain boring. I make frequent trips to both the drug store and department stores to see if there is anything new or exciting hitting the shelves, and lately there really has been very little worth writing home about. I was hoping for at least a few new winter-esque scents to arrive before this issue, but sadly, the designers and scent houses have focused their attentions on a stunning array of mediocre "sport" scents, and left the complex, warm scents on the distant back burner.

That being said, I managed to pull together a list of fantastic winter fragrances for you to check out, and hopefully purchase. I scoured my own collection for scents I haven't reviewed yet, pulled a familiar face or two from last year's list, and managed to (accidentally) find a brand new smell that I am very excited about. So here we go. (in no particular order)

Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beane -

This is one of the more unique scents in my collection, and it is most certainly not for the faint  of heart. It contains notes of lemon, orange, violet, cinnamon and rose, accompanied by woody notes of oak and sandalwood. It has a warmth to it that is unmistakeable, and it's most certainly undeniably masculine.Those of you who prefer sporty, lighter scents this may not be one for you. It is one of the most 'winter' fragrances I own, and brings to mind the sensation of stepping out of a warm house into cold, brisk air, and breathing in your first breath of crisp, clean snow.  Don't be frightened, the top notes come off very strong right off the bat, but it soon mellows from bright winter day to cozy winter night. Seeing as it was created in 1976, it definitely carries a nostalgic nose to it, bringing back memories of Christmas day, and smelling like something my father may have worn while sipping whiskey next to the fire. Like I said, if you're a man that prefers lighter, more delicate scents, this may not be one for you. But if you're a man who wears his charm on his sleeve, and keeps his confidence in the same pocket as his flask, then try it out. The best part? It's ridiculously inexpensive. I scored my bottle for $9.

The Beat by Burberry/Bang by Marc Jacobs -

This one made the list last year, and is still one of my main go-to scents for the snowy months. It's a blast of pepper and citrus, and is quite long lasting. I could go on for a very long time about this one. It's instantly recognizable, and walks the delicate line between being overpowering and being not strong enough. One to two sprays is all you really need with this one, and as it mellows it becomes warm, complex, deep and inviting. Totally a sensual scent, and as most winter fragrances are, it's quite masculine. If you like the beat, also check out BANG by Marc Jacobs. It's similar in pepper notes, although a little less loud about it, and mellows into the same, if not more sensual base notes. They're both fantastic fragrances and will completely set you apart. Tried The beat but aren't sure about it yet? There's a pretty decent generic version called "Riot" available at Walmart for only $13. Test it out, and if you dig it, upgrade to the real thing.

Vintage by John Varvatos /John Varvatos -

There was no chance that these scents weren't making the list again this year. Both of these scents are perfect for winter, and compliment the cold weather better than a hot toddy and a fireplace. Vintage is beautifully rustic and slightly sweet, while being 1970s vintage (duh), and contemporary rock and roll all at the same time. It makes me think of chopping wood at a log cabin, then unwinding listening to The Arkells on vinyl. The original John Varvatos scent is similar while being completely different. It is absolutely retro, as if he somehow managed to fit a perfectly worn in black leather jacket and the entire year of 1978 into one 100ml bottle. With notes of tobacco and leather, there's no doubt that this is a man's scent. It's strong, so one spray will do you well. This is a supremely confident scent guys, so if you're going to wear it, own it. I highly recommend it.

and finally...

Ange ou Demon by Givenchy -

I have not been this excited about a scent in a very long time. I stumbled upon this one completely by accident. It's no secret that I am a very big fan of Givenchy scents, so while I was browsing a little while back, I noticed this bottle, since it was new to the store and I had never seen it before. I sprayed it on a tester strip and was completely blown away. It's dark, complex, brooding and mysterious. It immediately brought to mind the unmistakeable smell of incense, combined with a deep, intriguing scent I still can't place. It is overwhelmingly unique and only got better as it mellowed. I sprayed some on my wrist, and carried on with my shopping, not being able to stop smelling it. Every time I smelled it again, it got better and better. As it mellowed it got warmer, and more complex, almost inviting. It brought to mind a dark, candle lit room with incense burning, a glass of red wine, and the soft orange glow gently bouncing off the curves of a woman eagerly waiting for you. Gentlemen, this is a scent that I truly have fallen brace yourselves. It was an accidental discovery's a woman's scent. Now, before you get all manly man over there, keep in mind that there really is no rule for a manly scent and a womanly scent. It's our own perceptions and our society that differ between the two. There are very many scents designed for women that men wear, and visa versa. I was actually quite shocked that this was deemed as a female scent, since to my nose it was undeniably masculine, and at the very least unisex. I suggest you check it out guys, it's totally what I was waiting for this winter, and may be just what you're looking for as well. It's a bit pricey, but totally worth it.

Well those are my picks this season ,but there are a LOT of winter scents out there that are just as good. A few honourable mentions go out to Lacoste Pour Homme, Kenneth Cole RSVP, and the always delicious CK One Shock.

Until next time gents!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Issue # 48 - Underneath it all

Issue # 48 - Underneath it all

Hello gents, and a happy November to you all. I was originally going to write an issue on shaving tips and products in honour of Movember, but I stumbled onto a topic that I found to be much more important, and much more concerning than how to avoid razor burn, or why that chin-strap facial hair is a bad idea. And since it was a direct request from a female reader, I hope you pay some very close attention guys. (Note: The chin-stap facial hair is a very bad idea).Why is it important that you read this issue? Because it touches upon a topic that not only have I never covered, but a topic that the vast majority of men simply don't realize is a severe issue for women: Your Underwear. 

We all have them; Those ratty, worn in, faded, baggy, skid marked, ultra comfortable underwear, with at least one hole in it (probably near the waist i right?). Whether your a brief guy, a boxer guy, or somewhere in between, chances are you've never looked at your underoos as anything but a layer between your junk and your zipper. Neither cut nor colour nor style has ever mattered much to you, outside of having a basic preference for comfort reasons. You find the pack with the most pairs for the lowest price, grab it and forget about it, despite the fact that they look like they were made from old gym shirts in grey, navy blue and off white. After all, you're a MAN, right? Why should you spend more than 4 seconds looking at underwear?


Think about it. Your girlfriend, your ex girlfriends, the girl you're sleeping with, your friend, ANY woman. They all have a ridiculous amount of under garments, right? They will spend countless hours and dollars completing their arsenal of bras and panties, all with specific uses in mind. Their collection ranges from sexy underwear to cute underwear, to matching bras and panties, to comfy/period underwear (if you got grossed out or turned off by that, please grow up), to a collection of panties for specific outfits, because comfy or not, they'll be damned if you see panty lines through their pencil skirts...they take the time and the effort to do these things guys, and you can be damn sure that 9 times out of 10, if they have even the slightest thought that you might be seeing them out of their clothes, they'll be sure to be wearing something for the occasion. Why? Because they want to look good for you, and want to feel good about themselves.

So why do you not do the same? Think about it. You're in the heat of the moment, and as her pants come off, you see a sexy little number that looks so good you almost want to leave them on her. We've all been there. Now put yourself in her your pants come off, she sees... two holes under the elastic waist of your boring grey cotton hanes jockeys that have been through so much use they've lost their once form-fitting appeal and now hang lifeless like tiny little ugly board shorts. Sexy.

Wake up guys. I know as men we're not raised with the ideal that we should have sexy or attractive underwear. It's not part of our wiring. But I highly suggest you change that. This not only falls into the category of style, but also into the category of being a gentleman. Why should she have to put in all the work of trying to be sexy for you, when you don't even think twice about it? Think about how disappointed you would be if you got her back to your place, pulled off her outfit that was driving you crazy all night, only to reveal torn, ratty and just plain ugly panties. Now imagine how she feels. Am I making sense here gents?

Now I am not saying go buy a bunch of banana hammocks or stripper underwear, because those are equally as horrifying to her. But what I am saying is put a little more effort, a little more thought, and a little more coin into your drawers. I'll admit that I myself was oblivious to this issue until about a year ago. I purchased what I thought to be a style I usually wore, and I was mistaken. They were in fact, completely different than the Jockey shorts I was intending, and instead were snug fitting mini shorts, falling somewhere between the length of briefs and the length of jockeys. At first, I was uncomfortable with the idea of them, but upon wearing them I quickly changed my mind. They were snug, comfortable and I barely noticed they were there. But more interestingly, I felt more confident with them on...and if you know anything about this blog, it's that confidence is key. I went back and bought 3 more packs.

Listen guys. She finds it sexy when you have nice underwear on. So go get some. It's really simple, and it makes her happy, which will in turn make YOU happy. You follow? It's a no brainer. If you don't want to get rid of your old ones, then don't. But at least only wear them around the house, and instead don a great new look for when you're with her. She'll notice. And you just might notice how you feel when they're on as well.

I'm almost done here today gents, but I will send a few tips your way before I leave. If you're not sure where to start your search for new skivvies, I suggest H&M if you have one near you. They have the underwear I was referring to. They come in packs of 3 for only $14.95, and even better, they come in colours and designs that are as manly for you as they are sexy for her. A personal favourite of mine is black with white pin stripes, and the solid black with white waist band. Simple and classy for you, sexy for her. For my second tip, I'm going to crush the brown elephant in the room and go there: There is absolutely nothing attractive about skid marks (although we've ALL been there). If you're a man who is prone to this phenomenon, I have a few words of wisdom. First, wipe better. I know you're in a hurry to get back to whatever video game you're obsessed with right now, but if you can spend 25 minutes reading on the toilet, then you can spend 30 extra seconds to make sure you're not going to leave a trail in your knickers. As a secondary line of defense, opt for the black underwear when you can. This way, if you just couldn't wait to get back to your spike tv, then at least you have some decent camouflage to hide it.

Until next time gents,

PS - You're welcome ladies. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Issue #47 - The Secret

Issue #47 - The Secret

Good day gents! Today's issue is about something i feel needs to be brought to light again, but this time a little more in depth. Today's issue is on how to instantly be more attractive. Easily, and for free. It's so simple, you would think more people would understand it, but in reality there are so many people that just don't realize how easy it really is. Forgive me ahead of time, this issue will seem a little bit introspective, but really i think it's a very important point that a man needs to understand and master if he truly will understand what style is all about.

The secret, gentlemen, is Confidence. That's it. It's the root of all style, and all attraction. It's the single most important tool you can possess, and is more powerful than we fully realize. Women instantly recognize it, and you will notice how quickly you feel completely different, and embrace it.

So where do we start? Well i can't very well ask you to feel instantly confident if you don't have it already in you. That wouldn't be fair. Each man is different, and each man has different factors in his life which contribute to his confidence, or subtract from it. I'm not a psychologist, and I am not about to get into all the tiny things you can do to create a confident self. SO, instead i have decided to give you some very easy and effective techniques to depict wear a mask, if you will. Hopefully if you take my words to heart, and apply these tools, you will actually build real confidence within you, and be able to reach a level of style you never knew you could find. So what's first?

EYE CONTACT - This is massive, and is the number-one-first-and-foremost important aspect to confidence. Eye contact not only establishes contact, but the eyes are also very intimate. Think about it: you meet an attractive woman at the bar, and after just enough liquid courage, you walk over to say hello...what do you think is more attractive to her? Looking around the bar and at your shoes, or looking her dead in the eye and saying hello? Eye contact establishes confidence right out of the gate, and with enough practice, you can deliver messages with your eyes that she doesn't even know she's receiving. This is huge guys, and if you're too shy to even maintain eye contact for 5 seconds, then you're beyond my help sir. This is the first skill to learn. It doesn't matter if you're completely void of confidence, suck it up, look her in the eyes, and you have your foot in the door.

KNOW YOURSELF - What makes you happy? what 'pumps you up'? what makes you feel on top of the world? Think about that. Walk with that thought in your brain. Carry yourself as if you're untouchable. It may sound stupid, but it does wonders not only for your own confidence, but how you are perceived by everyone around you.

BODY LANGUAGE - This goes hand in hand with the above tactic. Once you have found that 'zone' that makes you happy and feel invincible, focus on your body language. Square your shoulders, keep your chin up (but not in the air like you're a snob or trying to hide a bald spot). Walk confidently, shake hands with conviction. These are all small details that all add up to, or at least the perception of, confidence. Think of it as saving your money for something you really want; even though you may only be placing in a couple dollars at a time, every little bit helps. Combine your body language with sustained eye contact, and you sir, are on the road to success.

JUST BE YOURSELF - Forget the bullshit you see on tv. Ignore the chick flicks and the stuff you've read in your last girlfriend's cosmo. Ignore all the stuff you think you should say or do, and just be yourself. And for the love of all the women in the world, do NOT, under any circumstances use a lame pickup line. It's not hard guys, JUST BE YOU. Women are not some sort of mythical goddesses that you need to prove yourself to in order to receive some magical passport to a wonderful land full of unicorns and forbidden fruit. They're humans like you are. They feel nervous, they are shy, they are all the things that you are (except maybe not as hairy or gassy), so remember that it's most likely they are feeling all the same stuff you are. Relax.

ADMIT FAULTS - This is going to be a hard one for a lot of guys to do, but it works. it shows that you are secure with yourself (even if you're not), and makes you much less intimidating, and defuses the whole situation. What i mean is, if you stutter, or are at a loss of words, or are feeling overwhelmingly nervous, then do something unheard of: Admit it. Saying something as simple as "wow, sorry i am nervous" has more power than you even realize. It immediately makes the situation more comfortable. The fact that you can admit your nervousness can allow her to either admit her own, or find it very cute that you admitted yours, or both. So swallow your pride, since the secure and open man is much more attractive to women than the close off tough guy. And if she prefers the closed off tough guy, then you can walk away, since she has some growing up to do.

Guys, that's about it. I can't tell you how to BE confident in yourself, but with these tips, hopefully you will get a good enough response to boost your confidence to where these all become second nature to you.  I've said it many times, but i will say it again, STYLE is not all about the clothes you wear. It's about YOU, and how you carry yourself in every way. You can wear everything the magazines tell you to, but if you're not confident in yourself, then you're just wearing clothes.

Until next time gents, stay classy

Monday, October 3, 2011

Issue # 46 - The little things

Issue # 46 - The little things

Hello there gentlemen! How are we this fine october day? I'm well, and i hope you are too. Now that the weather is a bit colder, and the styles are a bit more layered, intricate and put together, it's important to remember the tiny details of your look, as these are the most important details. It's the little things that can keep you just shy of looking fantastic. Sometimes these are so easy to overlook or completely forget about, but it can really make a massive difference. Some of them i have mentioned in past blogs, others i haven't, but they are all important, so check it out!!

1 - Proportion, Proportion, Proportion

Did i mention it's all about proportion? When you see a photo of someone dressed to the nines, something your subconscious notices is that everything is in proportion. Not only are they dressed to their body type (ie, long torso, short legs, etc), but all the details of their look are proportioned. One of the BIGGEST mistakes i see today is the miscommunication of tie to lapel. There are guys with big fat jacket lapels wearing super rockstar skinny ties, and guys with super skinny hipster lapels, with big giant 1980s power ties. THIS DOESN'T WORK. The rule of thumb is that the width of your tie at the widest point should mirror the width of your lapel at the widest point. This of course, like everything can be adjusted to your personal style, but for the most part it's something not to shy away from. Now, i am on a budget just like you are, so instead of spending ridiculous money on a bunch of jackets and a bunch of ties, just try to remember to put thinner ties with thinner lapels, and visa versa. No one will break out the ruler to make sure, but your look will immediately seem more put together.

The proportion detail also goes for every other part of your look. Longer winter jacket? Clip it between just below the waist and haf way down your thigh. Don't let it touch your knee, or it will look far too long. Wearing skinny jeans? use a top or jacket that is equally proportional, or you will end up looking like a Milli Vanilli wannabe. It's ALL about proportion.

2 - NO detail is too small.

There is nothing that should be overlooked in your look, ESPECIALLY if it's a formal or special occasion where looking good is very important. Gents, I am talking about the very tiny, minute details that are often overlooked; Wearing a tie? make sure the back of your collar is pulled tight and crisp, and be SURE it covers the tie. A little bit of tie poking out the bottom, no matter how little, can take the shine off your look in an instant. Wearing a tie bar? be sure you have one that fits your tie. They come in all sizes, for all sizes of ties, so use a small one for skinny ties, etc. and try to always ensure it's perfectly straight. A little bit of moving around throughout the night is obviously going to happen, but for pictures, and the beginning of the night, be sure it's straight as an arrow, to get that polished look you're trying to get. Showing some ankle? Then make sure your socks are perfect. If you're matching socks to pants, be sure they aren't faded more than your pants or it will look odd. Doing the coloured sock pop? Then be sure the colours work with what you're wearing and aren't just shock value.

I know these may seem trivial, but there is a lot to be said about nailing the small details. They may be tiny little things, but when all put together, they make the total difference in how you look, how you are perceived and how you carry yourself.

3- Back to BASICS

Guys, the majority of the little things can be covered right off the bat if you just remember the basics. Things every man should know and have in his style arsenal: Ties should run button to button. That means from your top collar button to the button on your pants. Your tie should NEVER exceed past your belt line. If it does, it's too long. You can toy around with making it shorter, but be cautious, it's a style that can be hard to pull off. Wearing black pants and black shoes? then NEVER wear white socks. It doesn't look good. period. As i write this, i am sitting behind a gentleman wearing a full black outfit, and very blatantly obvious white sweat socks (with gray heels and toes it would seem). This should never happen. ever. don't even think it. Having a pop of colour in your socks is encouraged, but white is a no-no. You know this guys. These are all basics.

If you pay attention to the little details guys, you should have no problem looking perfectly put together every time. One more thing, and this is exremely important: Please try your best to show your underwear as little as possible. It really doesn't look cool. Pull your pants up and be a big boy ok? Thanks.

Until next time,


Monday, September 26, 2011

Issue # 45 - New Smells for a new season

issue # 45 - New smells for a new season!

Well hello gents. It's been a while since i've reviewed some fragrances, and i figured it was about time to get back to it! Recently i've tested some great new smells, and I am very much excited to share them with you. The autumn usually brings out a bunch of new smells, and below i've listed 3 of them that i highly recommend. So without further ado, here they are!

Hugo Boss Just Different  -

After several let downs with Hugo Boss scents, I was reluctant to try this one. To be honest, the only reason I paid any attention to this one at all was because the spokesperson is Jared Leto, whose music and personal style i am a large fan of, and because of the bottle itself; red on black is a slightly sinister combination that stands out among ornate glass bottles and frilly design of other fragrances. All things considered, I was still expecting a let down typical of recent hugo boss scents; heavily synthetic smells with no real personality, a lot of chemical essence, and an extremely short life span. However, I am very hapy to announce that "Just Different" is just that: Different. It's a bright, refreshing scent that opens with a blast of mint, but mellows into a heart that blends cool citrus with warm notes of basil, transforming it into a completely different character. The basenotes are what gives this scent its massive uniqueness, evolving into a rich, warm, masculine scent of patchouli and cashmeran, which in itself is a combination of several warm, intimate scents. This is an absolutely perfect everyday fragrance for the man on the go, transitioning flawlessly from a busy workday to a mellow date night. It screams confidence and energy, and i highly suggest this as a staple in your collection.

CK ONE Shock -

Again, being a man who loves marketing and great packaging, this bottle jumped out at me. It's shaped like the traditional CK ONE bottles, but is glossy black with a neon green "SHOCK" added to look like graffiti. The ad campaign is similar, using a lot of grainy security cam type images with a noticeably green overtone to them. From looking at these two aspects, I expected this scent to be somewhat dramatic, highly explosive and colourful...upon spraying, it wasn't nearly what i thought it would be.

Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad scent at all, as i will soon tell you. It just caught me off guard, as the marketing and the product don't match each other, in my humble opinion. Much like Tommy Hilfiger's "LOUD" was rather quiet. That being said though, Shock is actually a ridiculously complex and compelling scent. I've worn it a few times, and have fallen in love with it, although never being able to place the is a soft, yet attention getting scent, with a vanilla-esque warmth to it; familiar and comforting. But there was something i just couldn't place, and it drove me crazy. As i researched the notes of this scent, i was absolutely floored when i saw what it includes. The top notes are a great mix of tangerine and cucumber, mixed with...get this: RED BULL. Yes, the energy drink. This has to be a first for the fragrance world, and it makes total sense why it was a familiar, yet unplaceable scent. It goes on to mellow into some of my favourite heart and base notes of Tobacco, black pepper and cardamom, and is a very long lasting scent. I suggest this for night time use, or any time you really want to make an impression. The most shocking part of Shock? How many compliments i've received while wearing it. One last thing, it's a potent scent, so don't overdo it. This one whispers and screams at the same time.

John Varvatos USA -

I end today's issue with one of my very favourite line of scents, and favourite designer, John Varvatos. I have reviewed almost all of his fragrances (there are still 2 i can't seem to get my hands on), and it's no secret that I absolutely love everything this man does. His newest scent is no exception and I'm quite excited to write about it. You'll notice that he has discarded his trademark bottle shape, for a much different, much more dynamic flacon. It has a spring loaded cap and a sleek bottle, and is undoubtedly masculine. The top of the cap, is apparently inspired by a subway token, which i find very intriguing. The most intriguing part of this though is, not surprisingly, the fragrance. My nose expected a familiarity of his fragrances; heavy orange influence with tobacco and leather, as several of his scents use in varying levels. What i got was something extremely unexpected. John Varvatos USA uses top notes of red ginger from Laos, juniper berries and cedrat. The heart blends blue spruce, green cardamom absolute and osmanthus absolute, while a base introduces vetiver, Venezuela tonka and belambre. It's highly complex yet suprisingly light and crisp, fusing the high energy networker and the laid back artist. Varvatos says this scent is for a man who loves wearing jeans and dresses unconventionally, and for a man who is effortlessly charming and confident. If that sounds like you, or who you want to be, then i highly suggest this one. It's at the top of my list for my next addition to my collection, and i hope you dig it too!

Well gents, that's all for now. I am eagerly awaiting a test of the new YSL fragrance, and will let you know when i get it. Until next time gents,


Friday, September 23, 2011

Issue #44 - The Fine line

Issue #44 - The Fine Line

Hello gents! Well fall is officially here, which means that any store that carries good men's clothing will be carrying a lot of the items (or similar items) to what you've (hopefully) been seeing in men's style magazines. GQ just released 2 great style issues, and SHARP just released the massive fall issue of their style guide. They're both available at corner stores, so you have no excuses.

That being said, this issue is being written specifically about the looks you see in stores and magazines. I call this issue the fine line because there is indeed a very fine line between dressing well, and dressing like a mindless clone. Gents, if there is one thing that i hope this blog has taught you, it's that style is not just about what you wear. It's about your own personal style working with your clothes. If your outfit doesn't speak a story about you, then you've wasted your time and money, and that's just not good, now is it?

For example. Today i saw a young guy, wearing an outfit completely constructed out of what were obviously all brand new clothes. These clothes looked to have also all been bought together, with this particular outfit in mind. This is definitely something i applaud, and i think many, MANY more men should shop with outfits in mind. All things considered, it was a decent outfit, and probably would look extremely well put together on a store mannequin, as it was most likely taken from one. Yet something about him looked off. His look may be deemed "stylish" but it lacked any essence of personality. There were no objects or accessories that spoke about him. The clothes were too  new to have any wear patterns on them. He fell into the trap of trying too hard to look good, and ended up being invisible; a trap that far too many men fall into.

Never fear gents, this can be avoided. The first and easiest way to keep from crossing this very dangerous line is simply knowing yourself. What are your colours? We all have different skin tones and we all have colours that just click for us. Some of  you can work anything, others cannot. This young man didn't do the most basic of basic research on himself.  He has black hair, and dark features, and admittedly "fake and bakes", giving his skin a decently dark, albeit fake, hue. Now the rules of thumb would say to put him in lighter colours, however on this particular gentleman, darker colours work much better. He unfortunately opted for a pink/orange/green large checkered button down over a crisp white v neck tee. Either of these items on their own would have been fine, but he just simply didn't do any studying. He completed the outfit with a pair of navy blue pants, and gray espadrilles, with no socks. Again, totally stylish items, but when paired with the rest of the outfit, and no personality, they fall flat and don't have the impact they should.

So. How do we avoid this? First, know your colours. If you know you look good in blues, then work with those. Expand and push your boundary, but don't take it too far. This dude should not have been wearing bright checkers, and to a certain extent, although a white v neck is my number one go-to classic item, on him, it fell flat. He would have looked much better in a black or charcoal shirt.

The second step is almost as easy as the first: Try not to wear too many new items at once. Why? because even though they might look awesome, they haven't been worn in, and don't have that patina that other clothes have. Believe it or not, the simple washing of an item a few times can give it a whole new vibe. Now this doesn't apply ALL the time. If you're going to bust out a brand spanking new outfit, anchor it with a couple items of your own to bring out your personality. For example, the other night I wore a brand new blazer over a brand new vest...but anchored it with worn in jeans and some beat up boots. The result? A clean, new stylish outlook with lived-in appeal. A good friend of mine wore an almost entirely brand new outfit, and completed it with a brand new accessory, and totally rocked it. All she added of old items were a black tank top and aviators. But she worked it. So there are exceptions to every rule guys.

Bottom line, do your homework. It sucks to admit to yourself that you just can't pull off a look, but unfortunately it's a part of life. There have been many times where i've had to reluctantly hang an item back up on the rack because, as much as i loved it, i just couldn't pull it off. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO YOUR OWN PERSONALITY. Bring yourself out in your look guys. It makes the entire difference between looking top notch, and looking like a copycat. Trust me.

I have a few more issues ready to go guys, so i will see you soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Issue #43 - Fall Back In

Issue #43 - Fall Back In

Well hello gentlemen! It's been a long summer, and while many beers, barbecues and bonfires were had, there was also a lot of writing for a whole new round of issues for the fall and winter. Since the weather is starting to (kind of ) cool down, and as you know am admittedly an autumn freak, I decided to start the new issues with something I always think is a great welcome to the colourful season ahead: Cocktails.

There's just something about sitting outside on a cold autumn night, sipping on a warming little ditty you mixed up at your bar. Whether it be a glass of red, or a simple splash of spirts, or an intricate mix, there's an autumn drink for everyone. Below, i've listed my favourite classics, as well as a few new ones and some in betweens. Cheers!

The Good Life - Cabernet Merlot

Maybe it's just me (it probably is), but since i've switched my preference to red this summer, but i find white wines to be more "daytime" or "Summer" wines, and reds to be more night time, and autumn-ish. That being said, In preparation for the coming fall, i've sampled several red wines of all different varieties. Some very good, some pretty bad, and all an experience. I've learned a lot about wines this summer, and what i have discovered the most, is that ultimately wine is all about your personal taste. If you like it, then who cares how much it cost or where it's from.

 That being said however, there is still something to be said for enjoying a great wine, and serving a great wine to your hopeful female company. Thus, after rigorous testing, I still will suggest picking up "The Good Life" Cabernet Merlot. I've given it glowing reviews in previous issues, and it still ranks high on my tastebuds. It's a big red wine with lingering flavour, and a little price tag. At only $12.95 a bottle, it's a total deal, and the hip retro 50s artwork will inspire conversation in an awkward silence emergency.

The Glenlivet 12 Year Single Malt -

Not a Scotch guy? Neither was I, nor would I call myself a scotch guy at this point in my life. But that doesn't mean that i don't enjoy a glass every now and then. I've recently attended a mini seminar on spirits and have learned a significant amount about a type of alcohol i've always been a stranger to. This was the scotch that i started on, and it coincidentally happens to be highly recommended as a starter scotch in general. Not implying that it's not high quality or less flavourful than others, but that it's palate is mellow and is more tolerable to a beginner scotch drinker.

Pour an ounce into a glass and try it for yourself. It should be enjoyed at room temperature, and enjoyed neat, or wish a small splash of water to open up the flavours. Rocks, or mixing is not "acceptable", but if you're training at home, feel free to add some cubes, or a small splash of ginger to get yourself acquainted with the unfamiliar tastes.

The Kraken Spiced Rum -

There is a distinct autumn quality to this rum, both in its taste, and its outstanding design and marketing. It's definitely a conversation piece and a fantastic bottle that you will want to be seen. But above all that, it's a dark, hearty spiced rum that pairs perfectly with that 'it's not that cold out but my nose is kinda numb' feeling, after raking a pile of leaves, or putting up halloween decorations. The great thing about this rum though, is its versatility. It's fantastic neat, on the rocks or mixed with cola, but my favourite way to enjoy it is with hot apple cider and cinnamon. It's a perfect warming drink for a late afternoon chill, and nothing says you can't bring a flask along with you for unexpected apple cider encounters. It's smooth, spicy and a perfect addition to the fall. Once it gets a little colder heading into winter, switch it up with the super cinnamon and vanilla kick of Lamb's Black Sheep Spiced rum, for something festive. And hey, try them both with Egg Nog. You won't be disappointed.

Disaronno Amaretto -

This one is simple gentlemen. It's sweet, warm and syrupy. It mixes with just about anything you can think of. It's easy to drink, and ladies usually like it. It's a no brainer. Mix it how you please, but i suggest either neat at room temperature, or with a few rocks.

Want an added autumn kick? Disaronno also happens to pair perfectly with cherry tobacco. If you don't have a pipe, that's just fine, but if you do, try's a fantastic match.

The Manhattan -

A classic for a reason, The Manhattan is an absolutely perfect autumn cocktail, and it's pretty idiot proof. All you need is rye, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters. Traditionally, you would add ice and bitters to your glass, while adding 2 parts rye and 1 part vermouth to a shaker of ice. Shake, strain, garnish with a lemon twist and cherry. Done. It's a perfect combination of sweet and bitter, and is a perfectly classy drink. Experiment with changing the ingredients if you desire; swapping rye for bourbon (i prefer maker's mark but the new Jim Beam Red Stag bourbon will add a hit of black cherry to the drink), or use flavoured bitters instead of the traditional. (I use peach bitters occasionally to brighten it up a tad).

Finally, for those of you gents who are tried and true beer guys, I didn't forget about you! Below i have listed 2 superb autumn beers:

Muskoka Breweries "MAD TOM" IPA -

This beer is absolutely fantastic. While some may argue this as a summer beer, i really do prefer it as an autumn beer. It's crisp and refreshing, and full of hoppy goodness, as all IPAs should be. But what this one has that sets it apart is a very distinct grapefruit/citrus taste. It's unexpected, but very welcome. I am not talking about artificial, overpowering, sweet candy grapefruit taste. This has an almost bitter, real grapefruit note to it, which is all at once unsettling, but very intriguing. I'll admit that on first taste, i was a little thrown off, but after the first bottle, i realized that it really is as refreshing as the first sweater day of autumn. And it's the perfect bonfire companion...besides that cutie you've been eyeing all night.


This, is by far my favourite autumn beer thus far. I discovered it a couple of years ago, and bought it simply because of the label (i am a huge halloween fan). It's an absolutely fantastic brew, with notes of toffee and chocolate in it's rich dark hue. It's good chilled or at room temperature, and i prefer mine to be somewhere in between. it's definitely not a light beer, and it's got a lot more flavour than a lager, so if you're a coors light guy (which i really, really hope you're not), then this will take some getting used to. But hey, even if you have a bottle around for the sheer look of it, it will inspire conversation and imagination.

Well there you have it gents! Stock your bars with any or all of the above, and you'll be ready for the autumn ahead. Now grab a sweater, fix a drink, and go watch the leaves change.

Until next time,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Issue #42 - What you need for this spring!

Issue # 42 - What YOU need for this spring!

Well gents, the weather has broken, the snow is gone, and the leaves are in full bloom, and that means spring has sprung. Time to start breaking out all things spring, and putting away all things bleak, bland and winter-esque. If you're like me and have been preparing new looks and new ideas to break out once the snow has gone, then now's the time to do it! A few days ago, I began compiling a list of things you're going to need to fully embrace all that spring has to offer. Some of these things may not be to your taste, but i guarantee if you try them out, or put your own spin on them, then you will be as breezy as an early june afternoon.

Spring is an earthy season. Everything is coming out of its winter long sleep. Animals shed their winter coats, and you should as well. Indulge in the freedom of not having to wear layers and finally feel a breeze on your skin that won't give you frostbite.

Boat Shoes -

First thing first, get yourself a pair of boat shoes. I believe i mentioned these last issue, and there was some confusion as to what these were, and how to wear them. There were also a couple "are you serious?" comments. My only response to those is, Stop living in a cave, and pay attention to what's going on around you. Boat shoes are NOT just for boats. They come in a massive variety of colours, fabrics and styles and are insanely versatile. They can be dressed up or down, but are most useable in laid back atmospheres, where casual is the word of the day, but you can bring your own style to the table. The shoes pictured here are almost identical to the pair that i own, and i love to pair them with a slim pair of jeans, and a slightly messy dress shirt and an equally slightly messy tie. Try it out. You can wear socks with these if you wish, but i would completely advise against it. Showing ankle is actually a very cool thing to do.

Straw Fedora -

If you don't own at least one of these, GO. GET. ONE.
these hats are insanely versatile, super stylish, and add a certain flare to most outfits. * There are so many different ways to wear this hat; tilted far back, tilted low and forward, etc, each one giving a different vibe to your entire look, and changing peoples' perception as well as your own attitude. This hat is a complete throwback to the golden era, and is just as perfect with a shirt and tie as it is with a white t shirt and beer while mowing the lawn. So go make yourself a manhattan, light your pipe, and let summer come to you.

* This hat is not magical. It will not add flare to ALL outfits. By this, i mean do NOT wear this hat with a cheesy graphic tee, bad sandals (with socks especially), or anything that doesn't match the colour of your hat. Versatile or not, this hat is still an accessory, so colours and fabrics need to be taken into account. If you're dressed like a slob, this hat will only make you look worse. Trust me.

Coloured Wayfarers -

These have become essential spring/summer wear. They're overly simple, durable, and add a great pop of colour to your outfit. It's important to think spring here, and use these as a focal point, and not as a matching piece. You want them to be a statement, not matchy-matchy, which will look like you've tried way too hard. However, if you want to match a pair to your belt or shoes, then go for it! They're an idiot proof way to add flare without even trying. Oh, and don't worry about the name tag; Ray Ban made the originals, but if you don't have, or don't want to shell out the cash to get the real thing, there are a lot of accessible, super inexpensive knock offs that do the trick just fine. I own several myself, and trust me, when they get crushed in the bottom of your beach bag, or your buddy sits on them in your jeep, they're much less painful to replace.

The Linen Shirt -

Yes, it's finally time to break out your light colours again, which makes it finally ok to wear your crisp white shirts again. Or if you're like me, then you can continue to wear them. But why stick to the same old crisp cotton shirt, when you can opt for a light, airy linen shirt? It breathes excellent, and gives you that 'i'm in the tropics' feel when you're just sitting in your back yard. They're ok to look a little bit wrinkled, and also seem to hold fragrance a little bit better than most shirts, in my opinion.

The Right Music -

Music is completely a matter of preference, and this need for Spring is simply an opinion. When i think of spring, i think of Paris, and when i think of Paris, i think of sitting on a cafe patio, watching people walk by, sipping on a glass of wine, and listening to some vintage traditional French cafe music. I don't even know if that's the correct way to describe it, but that's how i describe it. I searched for a collection of these types of songs, and was totally lucky enough to stumble upon "Cafe De Paris", a compilation of the EXACT music i was looking for. Yes, it is very french, and it's totally an acquired taste, but for the right occasion, the right guests, the right drinks and the right atmosphere, it will set the scene of your party perfectly.

A good white wine -

You don't need to be a wine pro to know what tastes good and what doesn't. In today's world there are SO many options available, that wine no longer has to be an intimidating foe. I use white wine as an example here, but by all means, a good red wine is also a must have for the season. I try to have several bottles on hand at all times, usually of different types. White wines generally give the vibe of light airy sunny days, while reds, I find, are more intimate and formal. Just an opinion. For white wines, I usually go with a riesling, or an Unoaked or Lightly Oaked Chardonnay. I prefer Life is Good Unoaked Chardonnay, and also STRUT's Chardonista, pictured to the left. These wines are super inexpensive, and go really well with any afternoon patio or dinner party. Quick note, a lot of people "like" wine, but only if they're super cold. This is improper. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind for white wines, is to take them OUT of the fridge about a half hour before serving. They will be at approx. perfect temp for serving. The reason: Having your whites too cold will numb out the flavours of the wine giving a bland, watery taste. For red wines, do the opposite and put them IN the fridge a half hour before serving. The reason: Although many drink reds at room temp, sometimes this can cause the alcohol in the wine to take over the taste, not allowing the drinkers to get the full flavours. Chilling it allows the alcohol to mellow out a bit, and the real taste to come through.

At the end of this issue i will give you guys a great recipe for white wine, and some other treats.

NEW Eau de Lacoste (L.12.12) -

Of course, no issue of seasonal needs would be complete without a fragrance. In this case it is the fantastic new fragrance from Lacoste. The Eau de Lacoste line is brand new, and has 3 fragrances in the collection; White, Blue and Green, each with a distinctive personality. Similar to the 2010 release of Ralph Lauren's Big Pony line, except much, much better. After taking a little while to sample each scent, it was a hands down decision to go with White; a decision i have not regretted for a single moment. It's exactly how you would expect it to smell from looking at it; Pure, simple, clean and fresh. It starts out bright and airy, and unlike most new scents, it doesn't fade within an hour, it actually lasts. The more i smelled this on my skin, the happier i got. It brings to mind the sensation of a summer breeze blasting through the car windows as you cruise carelessly down the highway listening to death cab for cutie, or the excitement and anticipation of a first kiss on a windy summer night.  It's an absolutely perfect release for spring/summer 2011, and it's definitely becoming one of my go-to fragrances. My next purchase (if you care to know) would be the green scent. Then the blue.

Well gentlemen, there you have it! My list of items you need to own for this spring! Did you notice anything? If not, go look again, i will wait.......are you back? And? ok fine, i will tell you. all of the above can be used together, and will work perfectly! Now if only you had a fantastic drink recipe and maybe a super easy light dinner idea for you and that certain someone on your patio...

The Summer Breeze (a style guy original)

1 oz Fragoli Strawberry Liqueur
4 oz white wine (chardonnay preferably)
splash of soda

Pour fragoli into wine glass, allowing some of the baby strawberries to fall in. These make a great visual garnish. Add wine, top with a splash of soda water. Garnish with a strawberry slice or lemon twist. This is a perfect pre dinner cocktail, or after dinner drink. It's light and fruity, and insanely easy to make. But your guests don't need to know that.

Effortless Brie -

1 wheel of brie cheese
2 red onions
6 large white mushrooms
1 large white french baguette

this meal is insanely easy to make, but will taste like you're a pro, and impress the heck out of her. I guarantee it. Chop onions into strands. Chop mushrooms. Sautee them in butter until golden brown and translucent. Reduce to a slow simmer, to keep them warm. Heat oven to 350 degrees. Place Brie in oven in a pyrex bowl or casserole dish. While brie is heating, cut the baguette into small squares. after about 20 - 25 minutes, stick a fork in the brie. If the centre is gooey, it's ready. Remove brie from oven, and cover with the onion and mushroom mixture. Cut brie open, letting the cheese ooze out. Serve immediately with bowl of bread squares and a spoon. Add pepper if desired. It's easy: dip the bread into the cheese and eat. It's a perfect meal for a romantic night and is guaranteed to spark conversation. Pair this with an Unoaked or Lightly Oaked chardonnay for an unreal taste combination. You can thank me later.

Until next time gents,

Monday, May 9, 2011

issue # 41 how to be a man in 2011

Issue # 41 - How to be a man in 2011

Hello gents! Well it's been a while since my last issue, and what can i say, i have been busy. But today, in the little free time i possess, I decided to write a new issue based on something we've only really touched upon in the past; how to be a man. Now, I am not saying this literally of course so don't go running for your axes and plaid shirts, those trees don't need to be chopped down today. I am speaking about how to be a Man in a different way. Now most of you know that I have always been one that's against stereotypical Macho masculine ideals. In my eyes, they are horrible out dated, out of fashion, out of style, and need severe revamping. If only every ball cap wearing, running shoes with jeans caveman out there would watch a season of Madmen, they would see what real men looked like, how real men acted.

So here is a list of things that a man should read, learn and apply if he wants to be a real man. Some of them are things you should DO others are things you need to STOP DOING. So pay attention, read carefully and realize that you're not all the man you should be.

1 - Speak like an adult. Yes, this refers to proper grammar, spelling, and context of words, but this point is directed more towards your use of typing. Times are changing, and electronic "talking" is a very dominant source of communication. This is fine and wonderful, but as a grown man, you should not be using TXT speak, you should be typing in proper words. The use of juvenile 'words' such as "ur", "u", "l8tr" and any number of the millions of these tween sayings, is far too pathetic to even put into words. Gentlemen, you are GROWN MEN. The use of words like these makes you look immediately and instantly immature and incapable of holding a real conversation. Sure, maybe some of you are doing it because you're driving, or you're pressed for time, or whatever. But SHE doesn't know that. the SHE i am referring to is the lovely lady you are texting who now thinks you're a 16 year old. Guys, do yourselves a favour and take the time to write full, proper words. Your appeal will increase instantly. Now, that being said, if you have to use short form for WHATEVER reason, texting is the only place you can do this. If you use short form words in online messaging or emailing, you're just plain lazy and juvenile. It takes literally 3 additional seconds to use proper words instead of short form. If that's too long to wait to be perceived as a well read and educated man, then you get what you deserve.

2 - CULTURE YOURSELF - Gents, you NEED to know about a wide variety of things. Sure, you may be really interested in sports or cars, but if that's ALL you can talk about in depth, then there's an issue. A woman likes a man who knows at least a little bit about a lot of things. And if he doesn't know about something, he admits it, then asks to learn. If your knowledge revolves around hockey, video games, and cartoons, chances are you're not going to have very in depth conversation with your lady friend, and if it continues, you won't have a very in depth relationship either. Learn about things around you. Know a little bit about world events. Check out what music is in right now, Immerse yourself, and educate yourself! Gents, women like an intelligent man. So be intelligent.

3 - DON'T ONLY drink Beer - Beer is awesome. It's cold, delicious and says MAN. But in the 40s through the 60s, beer was a weekend drink in the backyard. That;'s where it should stay. Wanna crack a cold one at a BBQ? go ahead. Home from work? crack one and relax. but if you're out, especially with a lady, try something other than a tacky brown bottle. Be able to order something other than beer, and your image and appeal will immediately boost. Having a base knowledge of wine doesn't hurt either. Sure, she might be a beer drinker as well, but if you want your style to take that extra inch forward, order something with a bit of style to it like a gin and tonic, or rye and ginger....if you're a little more fashionable that evening, be brave and ask for a manhattan or an old fashioned. She might not know what it is, but i guarantee she will be intrigued and ask...there's your conversation starter gentlemen.

4 - DRESS LIKE A MAN - There is a time and aplace for every outfit. But if you want to LOOK like a man, and not a boy, then take a couple tips, and tidy up your look. Whatever your style may be, tidy it up, especially if you are taking out a lady, or just want ladies to pay attention to you in general. Ties don't have to be for formal occasions! now that it's nicer outside, throw on a slim tie haphazardly with a dress shirt, jeans and some boat shoes, or if you're partial to shorts and a tee shirt, then upgrade them. get a good slim pair of shorts that look like something a man would wear, not something a 14 year old would wear to a punk show. Get a great fitted t shirt with something other than a stupid saying or a cartoon character on it, and make sure you don't look like you're swimming in it. Remember, if you're one of those guys who thinks everything is too tight, then it's probably just the right size. And skip the flip flops. They're lame, unless you're at the beach. Opt for a pair of boat shoes. They're cheap and add instant style to anything. I have a pair of grey ones i bought at the GAP in Mississippi. they cost me $15 and they are the most versatile shoes i own...and they only have one rule: Never wear socks. In fact, the more you can get away with no socks, the better. Wearing a pair of slim jeans or khakis? Flip up the cuffs a couple times, and show some ankle. Again, instant style.

bottom line guys, if you want to look like a man should look in today's world, then it's as simple as spending a few bucks, picking up a GQ magazine, and making some notes. Trust me, you will look and feel better about yourself, and i am sure you won't mind the additional interest from the ladies.

until nex time,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Issue # 39 - Fragrance Reviews

Issue # 39 - Fragrance Reviews!

Well it's been a little while since my last issue, and for those of you waiting, I apologize for the delay. I was hoping that between my last post and now that there would be some exciting new fragrances released that I could write about, but there really has only been one new release worth noting in my opinion. So i have revisisted my collection, and found a few that i don't believe i have reviewed. So for your learning leisure, here they are:

Tommy Hilfiger - LOUD

This is the newest release from Tommy, and while I have never been a fan of anything Hilfiger, this one has a great marketing campaign that adds a very intriguing image to the scent. It's designed to be a play on rock music, with the obvious LOUD name, the bottle shaped like a vinyl record, and the cap being a stereo knob. The packaging is also cleverly sealed with a piece of duct tape, giving the entire feel a very grunge vibe.
Packaging aside, let's get to the scent. I didn't know what to expect from this one, but i was very happy with what i received. It's different, but not in an insanely exotic way. I think it's so different because it's SO basic. By basic, i am speaking of the ingredients, which as far as i can tell there are only 3 of: Patchouli, Rose, and tobacco. That's it. But in my honest opinion, that's what makes it so wonderful and different. Your nose isn't bombarded by a complex combination of ups and downs, but instead is treated to a delicate and well crafted scent. However, i find the name completely misleading. The scent in this bottle is not Loud by any means. In fact it's quite quiet and humble, but a superb scent nontheless. I have yet to own this one, but it's made it to the top of my list.

Kenneth Cole Vintage Black -

THIS is one of my favourites. I am a huge KC fan, and while I am an avid lover of KC Black, KC Vintage Black (KCVB) blows it away. Everything from the flat black bottle to the slightly textured label make this a joy to look at as well as to use. But it's the scent that (obviously) makes it. With green lime, pink grapefruit, white pepper, lavender, dry oak wood, sandalwood and tequila accords, this is immediately different and recognizeable as a scent not to be messed with. When i smell it, it smells of confidence and sexiness, but it's the notes of dewy greenery that take this one over the top. When i smell it i am almost transported to a lush forest after a cold rainfall...don't think pine trees, think thick green leaves dripping with fresh rainwater, in a climate that's JUST cool enough to need a sweater. But don't stop there. the greenery vision is just a small aspect of this delicious scent. If you recall my review on Kenneth Cole Black, I referred to a worn in leather jacket. Well, there is a very minute reference to that jacket in this scent as well, but this time you're not getting cozy with it; this time you're throwing it on, grabbing your aviators, and hitting the open road with the top down. Find this, get it, wear it with confidence.

Givenchy- Pi Neo

I purchased this on a complete whim. I was given a sample of it, and only smelled it briefly, not even on my own skin. It was last summer and I was just looking for something new, something that i thought not too many people would have. I bought this, and while i didn't LOVE it right away, i have grown to really embrace it deeply. The bottle is odd, and a little crazy. I suppose this was supposed to be inspired by the Matrix movies, and the character Neo. And while this isn't what i would picture Neo to smell like, it's still a very refreshing and interesting scent. There is a distinct powdery scent to this one, almost Baby Powder-esque, but it's not in a bad way. It's light and complex, and brings to mind linen shirts, straw fedoras, and sweaty summer days. It's something you can put on for nearly any occasion, but i would keep it to warmer climates personally. It's also very vacation worthy...going somewhere tropical? throw this on and forget about it. You will turn heads without trying. You might not like this one though, it strikes me as an acquired taste. But i love it.

Until next time gents,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Issue # 38 - Bar Etiquette 101

issue # 38 - Bar Etiquette 101

Hello Gents. Well, as i have said many times before, Style isn't just about what you wear. It's about how you ARE. That means how you carry yourself, and conduct yourself. This is important in all aspects of your life, especially if you're a single man. Whether you're looking for a fling or a long term relationship, we all know that a highly popular place for random meetings is a bar. But what a lot of you DON'T know is that how you conduct yourself at the bar is as every bit as important as what you wear to the bar. This is unfortunately knowledge that far too many men lack.

For some reason, many of you transform when you walk into a bar, and it's usually 1 of 2 things; Either you change into an overly shy, nervous wallflower who scopes out girls but does nothing about it, or you become the overly pompous ass who uses every lame move in the book to try to get a woman. Newsflash gents, neither of these work, so stop it.

Bottom line, what you say and do at a bar speaks volumes about your underlying character, and while you might think it's good, most times it's not. Truth is guys, sometimes you have to hide certain things about your character when you're on the hunt. So, for your sake gents, here is a list of DOs and DO NOTs that you need to bookmark.

1 - DO NOT ask what the cheapest drink or shot is. Sure, you may just be watching your budget, but to everyone around you, you're just being cheap. There are much better ways to ask this question without asking it. A very simple solution is asking your bartender if there are any specials for the day. This comes across as simple curiosity, and also saves you money.

2 - DO leave a decent tip. Not leaving a good tip is the most basic and easy way to get yourself blacklisted. Both by the bartender, and by any ladies watching you. It astounds me how many of you have no idea what a decent tip is. Here's a rule to live by: NEVER leave any coin(s) smaller than a quarter. This is an insult in the bar world. Also, I know that sometimes depending on the drink and the bill you pay with, there may not be room for anything more than a quarter handy. Don't leave just the quarter. If you have a small bill, leave the whole thing. If you have a large bill, ask the bartender to break it and leave a good tip. Here's why: If you leave a $5 bill as a tip on a $3 drink, you've made yourself memorable and basically have already pre-tipped your next few drinks. The bartender will remember this, and even if you only tip 50 cents the next few rounds, you'll still be good in their books.

3 - DO NOT order premium alcohol just for the sake of making yourself look like a rockstar. Nothing is more pompous and and ridiculous looking than a guy who orders Belvedere, who quite obviously does not drink it in his personal life. If you are not one who prefers premium booze, or can even taste the difference, then just order what you actually like. No one will think you're a loser for drinking the well vodka instead of the top shelf. Be yourself on this one...Unless you order a Smirnoff Ice. That's just not a good idea.

I'm going to stop there for now gents since i have realized that this list could get far too long for one blog to contain. I will continue this in another issue. Until then gents, heed these tips and good luck!

Style Guy

Monday, January 24, 2011

Issue # 37 - All about the hair

Issue # 37 - ALL about the hair

You've all been there, at some point in your life; Standing in front of the mirror, needing to leave the house to be somewhere, and your hair just...won't....cooperate with you. No matter what style you try, product you use, or technique you apply, your hair just will not do your bidding. So you either opt for the most appropriate hat you can find, or you risk going out on the town with a head that looks as if a raccoon has nested in it. I know that feeling all too well. Sure, sometimes you just can't avoid a bad hair day. But in my case, the main reason these bad hair days were happening was because I was fighting with my hair: a losing battle from day 1. Why or what was i fighting? I was fighting my natural hair, in an attempt to gain a hairstyle I wanted. Basically, I have wavy hair, and desperately wanted straight hair. See, this was in the late 90s / early 2000s, and THE style to have was that god awful "Flat on top, bangs spiked straight up" style. We've talked about this in previous issues, and it pains me to say that a great number of  men still sport this 98 Degrees travesty. Back then, I went along with it, and fought every step of the way. Having wavy hair meant that in order for my hair to stand straight up, per the style, i had to keep it extremely short, which didn't really suit my face or body. As soon as my hair got to a certain length, the style didn't hold, and my bangs would flip or curl over, ruining the look i was aiming for. I resorted to all sorts of ridiculously stupid tricks, including hanging my head upside down until the hairspray took hold. It was truly a pain in my ass.

Now, it's 2011 and I am very happy to say that I have forfeited my battle, and have surrendered to the natural wave in my hair. And why the hell wouldn't I? It's a perfect time for wavy haired men to take centre stage again. The beauty of having wavy hair, I am learning, is that it's much more forgiving, and it's easier to pull off the "I don't give a shit" look so many men strive for. Be aware though, this look actually takes a lot of trial, error, and time to pull off, so don't be fooled by the name. So many leading men in today's media have brought back the unruly head of waves; Robert Pattinson, Bradley Cooper, and McDreamy are just a few, and one can never forget the immortal James Dean.

What am I getting at here? it sounds overly cliche, but love what you have. whether you have pin straight hair or a head of tight curls, figure out how to work with it, because 99% of the time, your natural hair is what will look the best on you. Not sure how to pull off a style? Here's a few tips.

First off, determine the length you need. Your hair dresser should be able to help you with this. Personally, mine is long on top and short on the sides....a mix between classic early 60s business man, and the rebel without a cause himself...with just a touch of height that only a confident guy could pull off. But i know that if my hair is too short, not only is the style impossible, but it also makes my head look freakishly tiny. be aware of these. Find the length that works best for your face and hair, then devise a plan.

Find pictures of guys in magazines with hair that you like. Remember, you don't want to EXACTLY copy them, rather use them as inspiration for your own coiff. Bring them to your hair dresser, and explain to them what you are looking for. As long as you're not getting your hair cut at First Choice or Fantastic Sam's, they should be able to start you in the right direction, and begin cutting your hair accordingly.

Be patient. Some hairstyles look effortless and easy, but they take time for your hair to grow into, so be PATIENT. It may be a few months until you start seeing the hair you desire, so use the time in between to start perfecting your look. TIP: I've said it before, and i will say it again, The Secret to Good hair is Dirty Hair. Don't wash your hair every day. It's not your job, so slack off, and let your hair product build up a little bit. If you like a lot of volume like i do, this is your main weapon. After a couple of days, your hair will have just the right amount of buildup to give you styles you didn't think you could pull off. Once again, I will suggest AXE hair products (the ONLY products from axe I will EVER endorse), because they simply work, and work well. Use the spiking paste through dry- to mostly dry hair to get hold and shape without looking crispy, shiny and gross. Hair Gel is not good, so switch to something better, and USE HAIRSPRAY. I will get to why next.

BE PATIENT! Yes, i have said this twice, why? because it's important, and because having a cool look might actually require you to spend more than 3 minutes on your hair. I am speaking from personal experience, and since i know my hair well, I will walk you through how i get the look i get. The very first step is DO NOT MAKE YOUR HAIR THE LAST THING YOU DO. This is important, because when you leave it to last, you tend to rush it, and have no patience with it. Also, if you're running late, you will be more likely to spend less time than normal. Instead, do this: After you shower (without washing your hair), dry off, pick your clothes, etc. When your hair is dry or mostly dry, depending on preference, Put on whatever shirt you're wearing, and go and do your hair. ( you put the shirt on first so you don't mess up your hair putting it on afterwards). For myself, since i need volume, i do my hair in the style i prefer, using just enough product to get the shape i am aiming for, and giving it a light spray of hairspray. Then i leave the bathroom and continue on my routine of getting ready. While i am doing this, every so often, i will run my fingers upwards through my hair, beefing up the volume. The hairspray i applied will aid in it keeping this shape. After about 10 minutes, i will revisit the bathroom, adding a little more product, and revamping the look. This time it's a bit higher, and has way better shape. Repeat the process above, and the third time is usually the final time, adding enough product to hold it, and locking in the look with a decent dose of spray.  (TIP: don't use hairspray that says "flexible hold", and do NOT spray too close to your head. You want "barely any product" look, not a "just out of the shower" look). My favourite part of my hairstyle is that if the wind plays with it, or it falls a bit during the night, it still looks good, and just a non-chalant runing of my fingers through it will put it back in place. You may think this is silly, but women will see this not only as a sign of a low maintenance man (even though it took longer than they think), and will also trigger their desire to run THEIR hands through your hair. Not silly anymore, is it?

Ultimately guys, take your time, and above all, as usual, BE CONFIDENT. You may feel weird with the new look, but if you work it like you own it, it will look as if you've always had it. Trust yourself, and for those of you gents still rocking the 98 degrees look, get rid of it. In case you haven't noticed, the best hairstyles are the ones that have been grown out a bit.

Until next time,
Style Guy